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What Is So Special About The Linsay Kids Smartwatch

linsay kids smartwatch

It can track the child’s progress in school and allow parents to watch their child’s performance in various academic areas. Linsay S-5 Wireless Selfie Smart Watch in Graphite – The S-5 Wireless Selfie Smart Watches by Linsay provides an advanced education experience for your child with a sleek, lightweight design and fun features. This touch-sensitive unit also features an HD movable camera for cute photo taking.


The unit records up to three hundred hours of activity including outdoor activities and play times. A calendar on the watch lets you see what days you have upcoming activities. The calendar also includes a unique “My Day” page that allows you to add specific events to your daily activity log. A sixteen-megapixel camera is built into the watch for image capturing. The unit also includes a secure data storage area for secure internet connectivity.

* Exercise Tracking – Linsay watches provide exercise tracking with the Live Score Technology. This is located on the arm of the watch. The watch records heart rate, pace, and distance. This information is sent to a compatible mobile or personal computer. The system comes with an interactive workout program that helps children to exercise safely and stay on target.


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The watch includes push notifications for important school or housework schedules. This gives children a chance to stay on top and learn. The notifications are personalized for each child. Each notification has a specific action associated with it. Kids can choose to check the email, update their Facebook status, or check the weather.

* Alarm and timer – The unit has an alarm feature. The alarm is triggered when the child reaches a certain amount of time during their daily activities. Kids will get a pre-set, customizable alarm tone. The Alarm feature can be set for a minimum of 60 minutes, which gives parents peace of mind knowing that their children are safe and are getting ready for school. The timer counts down so that kids have time to get ready and relax before class.

Learning Activities

Linsay manufactures an activity kit with fun activities that teach kids how to count, color, and spell. The kit comes with different colors of blocks, alphabet letters, and more. Activities help to stimulate a child’s mind and teach them how to be better students. In addition to learning activities, the kit also includes a coloring book.


The Linsay kids smartwatch offers all of these features and more. This is one of the watches that truly has everything you would want in a watch and more. It is a fun watch that gets kids taking notice. This watch is more than just a timekeeper; it is a mentor that teaches while you do the things that matter most to your child.

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