Watch Brands That Make Their Own Metal Watch - Watch Brands That Make Their Own Metal Watch -

Watch Brands That Make Their Own Metal Watch

Watch Brands That Make Their Own Metal Watch

Most popular materials used for making watch cases are steel, titanium, etc. But there are some new; materials developed by brands like Rolesium, Ceragold, and Powerlite. Most of the watch brand makes its own cases, movements, and dials. But few of them have gone the extra mile and invented their own materials. Mostly use it for making cases, but sometimes they also use it for even making parts inside the watch. Metal watch brands invested in developing new metal alloys. To make stronger, more scratch-resistant and lighter substances. The efforts from the watchmakers are highly appreciable. Below we have a brief about some renowned brands ,that have to develop and invented their own metal alloys.

Watch Brands That Make Their Own Metal Watch
Watch Brands That Make Their Own Metal Watch

Rolex Metal Watch

Rolex, the most expensive and luxury watchmaker, developed a material known as Rolesium. The alloy is a combination of 904L stainless steel and 950 platinum. Rolesium was first used in the Oyster case of the Rolex Yacht-Master.
Rolex has also developed other material like Cerachrom. They use it to make bezels of the Rolex Submariner. Cerachrom is one of the materials which are corrosion-resistant ceramic. Rolex has also used Cerachrom for making Daytona bezel.
However, Daytona showcases a hairspring made of blue Parachrom. It is another material innovate by Rolex resistant to magnetic fields. Parachrom made hairsprings are combination alloy of zirconium, niobium, and oxygen. So the material will remain stable through temperature variations and shocks resistance.


Omega is one of the leading watchmakers and developers of new material. They make it by blending ceramic and 18k gold, known as Ceragold. The technique used offered to the bond of 18k gold with ceramic. They use it to make ceramic bezels with gold touch for smoothness.
The Omega Constellation Sedna case is one of the premia and the well-designed case made of 18k Sedna gold. Omega develops the alloy, which blends gold, palladium, and copper.“Sedna” is the name of a Trans-Neptunian object whose surface is one of the reddest in the Solar System.

Watch Brands That Make Their Own Metal Watch
Watch Brands That Make Their Own Metal Watch

Harry Winston Metal Watch

Harry Winston innovated and develop their patent Zalium material, with DLC treatment, for their Histoire de Tourbillon 4 series. It is used for making watches case and, lugs, arches, and bezel of the metal watch. This new alloy is a combination of zirconium and aluminum. Its properties include durability and ultralight feature.


Rado, the renowned Swiss watchmaker, develop plasma high-tech ceramic and promote the use of ceramic. The company uses its own technology for the cutting-edge process to forge this colorful, metallic material. The white ceramic is transformed, in an oven with gases activated at 20,000°C to raise the temperature of the ceramic to 900°C. So the purpose is to provide a warm, shiny metallic glow and changing its surface color. This process changes the chemical composition of the surface without altering its structure. The other properties of the ceramic such as hardness, scratch resistance, and lightness remain the same. Rado uses this plasma ceramic for manufacturing watches for HyperChrome series. The development adds a new feature in the watches made by the Swiss company.

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