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Revolutionary Gadget Watch

The Revolutionary Gadget Watch

Watches are a style statement. Everyone loves a good gadget watch. Watches are time telling machines. In its initial year, watches were made simple but it has undergone many changes since its birth. The past years have seen the revolution of the watch. Earlier gadget watches were seen only in comic books and movies. But in 1975 the first gadget watch i.e. the calculator watch was made. Since then there is no looking back in its transformation. The revolution of a watch is a long-told story.

The Revolutionary Gadget Watch
The Revolutionary Gadget Watch

Gadget Watch Types

The Revolutionary Gadget Watch
The Revolutionary Gadget Watch

Pebble Watch

Pebble was specially made smartwatches using e-paper technology. It features a 144 ×168 pixel e-paper display with also a backlight and 3 axes accelerometer. The Bluetooth 4.0 has the ability to communicate to the iPhone and also Android devices. Its battery lasts for a week.


It is a kind of socket. Socket Technology has the capability to interact with the light i.e. we can dim the light, turn off, turn on the lights, therefore, this technology helps the owner to control the light via socket technology.

Sector Morse Code Watch

It is mostly recommended for trekkers and mountaineers. It also comes with a Tiny Flashlight and Morse code is printed on the face of the watch which is helpful for any unwanted situations. This watch features a stainless steel case, which is also water-resistant. Different features like dual time, calendar and chronograph .i.e. (stopwatch combined with a display watch) is also available.

Latest In Trend

Golf watch

The Hercules Golf master is a high-end Swiss Golf watch. It has the ability to measure the exact distance from the golf player to the green by using GPS technology. It has a digital display so that it can be flipped to the Hi-Tech digital display. This watch has an analog display that is powered by a Swiss ETA Atomic movement that is officially chronometer-certified.

Sleep watch

The sleep tracker watch monitors the body sleep cycle. It looks for the best time to wake you up. This watch is mainly for business people, frequent Travellers, students with varying schedules and even moms who need to wake up early. We recommend this watch for anyone who is regular with gym, yoga or any particular routine and wants to get up on time. This watch is perfect for them.

Fishing watch (hummingbird fishfinder watch)

It uses a remote Sonar sensor. The makers have put the sensor into the water. They use a fishing rod. The sensor then sends a signal to find where the fishes are. It also helps to find the depth of water.

The display features backlight. The sensor makes it apt for night fishing too. The remote sensor can find the fish within 75 ft. radius and can read depths up to 120 feet.


Gadget watches help us in many ways. It not only tells us the time but is also our travel buddy. It helps us in finding our location. Furthermore, it helps us see our social media notifications. It is wearable and a must-have in today’s modern time.

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