The Pretty Looking Movado Smartwatch Reviews

Movado Smartwatch Reviews

The Movado Connect smartwatch is really a nice piece of tech that you want to have with you. The leaner modern minimalist design gives a stylish and elegant look to the watch. Movado is a smartwatch and the technology used is really great to make it one of the best watches in modern times. We will have a detailed look into the features and characteristics of the watch and find why it is one of the best.

The Design of Movado

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The watch is lightweight and is not heavy or bulky. The watch has a rotational crown enabling you to scroll through the menus and also to shut down the device if you need to. There are side buttons available to get easy access and to open apps. The watch has a clear, sharp, and high-quality display making it look awesome and interesting. You need to try this watch at least once to get a really beautiful feeling.

Features and Performance of The Watch

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The watch has a heart rate monitor with easy reading capability. One of the best features of the phone is the GPS facility that enables the user to keep track of the place and easily access maps without having to access the smartphone. The watch runs on 8 GB of internal storage and 1 GB of RAM. It is amazing for such a small device to have the capacity. The watch works perfectly with android and iPhone.

The Battery And Charging

Unlike some of the other top watches, Movado does not provide wireless charging. Charging is done by an externally fit pad that connects magnetically to the underside of the watch. The battery life depends on how often we use it and the care one puts into it. If you use the GPS facility and put your watch on high brightness, then the battery charge is expected to go away fast.

Will The Watch Give You Value For Money?

The watch provides you with value for money. It is right up there with the big players in the market like Apple and Samsung. With many attractive and useful features, the watch is worth the price it offers. All smartwatches are a little costly and this is also the case with Movado. But you are assured to get quality and value for the money. Next time you consider buying a watch, go for Movado and you will surely enjoy it.


Movado is a great smartwatch to have and it offers a lot of benefits and features. The watch comes with a sleek and stylish design and is lightweight. With GPS facilities and other amazing features, it is really worth trying. Smartwatches provide the user with technologically advanced features that enable them to interact with the watch and get feedback. Movado is a real inspiration to watch and technology lovers.

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