The Classy And Stylish Vector Smartwatch Reviews -

The Classy And Stylish Vector Smartwatch Reviews

vector smartwatch reviews

Most of the talk relating to smartwatches has been with Apple and Google and Vector has come up with a smartwatch that has made a revolution in the smartwatch industry. Vector believes that it can outperform Apple and Google and that is the reason behind the introduction of the Luna. The watch has all it takes to be one of the best in the market and has proved so.

Vector Luna: Design

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The design of the Vector Luna is a match to almost all tastes and interests and people of any category and style would love the watch. It has been made to be suitable for all kinds of people. The watch is round-shaped and comes in three flavors: performance, contemporary and classic. One can choose the style and design one wants from the three and they are really great options.

Vector Luna: Features

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Vector made it a point not to make busy sounds that are common with Apple watches and comes in a silent manner. The watch has a handful of features: notifications from a smartphone, basic activity tracking, calendar reminders, and a basic alarm. The types of notifications are controllable in the watch and you are free to decide what you want and what you don’t want.

Vector Luna: Activity And Sleep Tracking

The watch comes with activity tracking and tracks your daily steps. It is a great feature to have and one can be updated with it. This is built-in functionality in the watch and most people are happy with it. Sleep tracking is a facility that shows how much time you slept and this is made possible at times when the watch is idle at night. The feature is good to count the hours you spent sleeping.

Vector Luna: Screen And Battery Life

The watch comes with an attractive screen and the screen display decides the battery life. If you are using a great screen display, you will get around 2 days of battery life. It depends on the screen quality you wish to have. Ordinary and less attractive screens will give the battery thirty days of life. Like smartphones, the battery life depends on the brightness of the screen and various other factors.

Vector Luna: The App

The Vector Watch app is just awesome with 8 information streams and 18 watch faces. There are different tabs available in the watch for various uses and the design of the tabs is made perfect in the sense they do not take away the grant look of the watch. The watch is really a nice one to have and one can also present it as a gift to friends and relatives. Try buying the watch next time you decide on a watch.


Vector smartwatch has made a revolution in the watch industry and especially in the smartwatch market. The watch comes with a variety of features and the design is awesome. The watch is certainly recommended by people of all categories.

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